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[Remind Me Why] We Play This Game

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[Remind Me Why] We Play This Game.

But some people in the city of Midgar have lost all faith during his or her combat with the Depression and corruption of President Jack Shinra. Thus, many small rebel groups have formed in the depths of Midgar only known as the Slums. In the past year, these groups have been attacking various sections of Shinra’s main shipping routes and construction sites. In the past three months, Shinra has lost significant sums of money and equipment and with the new construction of Sector Eight’s plate, Jack Shinra has no choice by to involve the notorious group known as the Tactical Unison Recon Killers; AKA The Turks. The group of highly trained individuals has been appointed various missions both throughout the city and abroad. These so called, “missions”, consist of the following:
· Find any terrorist group and destroy anyone who is affliated with it.
· Find the daughter of Professor Gast and Infalna; make sure she is unharmed and brought to Professor Hojo.
· Locate any Huge Materia from nonfunctioning reactors.
· Find the last Cosmo Canyon beast and bring him back to Professor Hojo.
· Infiltrate and destroy any company that stands in the way of Shinra.
· Locate the Don.