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[Remind Me Why] We Play This Game

A Final Fantasy VII RP Community

10/17/04 02:44 pm - mrcloudstrife - Le. Sigh.

I sat last night after everyone left and just thought.
My mind is not working correctly and it seems like everything is mistaken and untrue.
But as I held my body against Zack's and felt his lips on mine...
Then feeling Tifa sit on my lap and wrap her arms around me...
Then his arms pinning me down...

It matches the intensity in my brain, I don't know if thats a good or a bad thing.

I do know we need to follow through. *sigh* And do this.
As stated in my personal journal we're far behind and Shinra could be close to catching up, we need to follow through, now.
Tifa take to heart what I said in my journal to you about Marlene.

~Mr. Cloud Strife.

10/16/04 07:17 pm - gfn_yuffie - OOC

Okies, Does Avalanche want/need Yuffie, if not you better start gaurding your materia......

10/16/04 12:25 am - mrcloudstrife - Guess What?

You motherfuckers have a Cloud.

10/15/04 03:44 pm - id_anonymous

Can someone who has FF7 for the computer take me a screenshot of Tifa's bar? I'd love to do it myself, but I have a problem with getting FF7 for the PC to work. Also, I can't use a digital cam to take a shot of the scene on my TV and my webcam takes very fuzzy and bad images.

I imagine someone can help. If not here, then in the FF7 comm anyways..

10/15/04 04:23 pm - turkswithrabies

theslumshit  is Reno's journal. For now, I'll be playing Reno.

Mm. Hurray.

10/15/04 03:57 pm - turkswithrabies - Oh Oh Shinra. Oh Oh Oh Shinra INC!

shinra_hq  is up. It will be modded by myself, Rufus and any other member of Shinra who feels like they should mod it.

10/15/04 01:44 pm - id_anonymous - Join Tifa's bar


I must also note that anything that happens "in the basement" is not public knowledge to anyone but AVALANCHE members.

10/14/04 08:55 pm - turkswithrabies

This place has obviously died so I have decided to just restart the entire thing. I'll be writing up a storyline ASAP. If you want to quit or want to change anything in the script that I will post at a later date, please contact me ASAP.


10/7/04 02:05 pm - gfn_yuffie - OOC

Got off my lazy ass and made a journal, I promis to be on more so don't kill me......... yet

10/6/04 07:35 pm - aperfect_flaw - Basic Plot

So people can just go on and do shit, I figured out a basic plot. I know, I should have done this earlier, but damnit, this is my first time running an RP. So sue me.

Alright, yes we are doing the basic plot of Final Fantasy VII but with a few changes. So far, AVALANCHE is just there. Cloud isn't in it for we don't have a Cloud anymore. Tifa, Aeris and Red - you can start forming AVALANCHE if you want.

Sephiroth: You just do your job. Go on your little killing spree and the Turks will follow you.

Heidegger: I need to do a log with you sometime soon.

Rufus: You are going to Junon before your Dad has to kick the bucket. Hurray.

Once Rufus takes power: Heidegger and Rufus, you'll have to talk soon. Since Heidegger is the "boss" of the Turks, he needs to get missions from Rufus then give those missions to us. So Rufus, you decide where we Turks go once you take power. Have fun.

Alright, a little while after Rufus takes power, all Shinra personell must go to the parade. After that we all board a ship. Sephiroth attacks and AVALANCHE (Red, Aeris, Tifa and whoever actually comes in) will be there. Hurray.

Oh yes about people who die.

You can decide whether your character will die or not. Like I said, we're playing the basic Final Fantasy VII game with a few twists so say if you want Rufus to live, just give me a typed up reason how he lives through the Weapon blast and you can live. Hurray.

If you have any questions, contact me.
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