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[Remind Me Why] We Play This Game

A Final Fantasy VII RP Community

4/30/05 03:20 am - zombifiers

You know... it's kind of sad how this place just died. Who misses the random AIM chatroom sessions we had? Show of hands. *raises hand*

that was our random thought of the day, by Aeris-mun.

2/4/05 03:17 pm - turkswithrabies

Since not enough people playing AVALANCHE members signed up again, I am opening a Shinra only rp. I already have a Rufus, AKA Kitty if she is willing to do this, and I shall be playing Tseng. This session will begin two-years prior to the game.

I hope to see some of you there.


1/28/05 06:25 am - turkswithrabies

As of today, January 28th 2005, Sons of the Earth shall be restarting with a fresh new plot.

Rufus has decided that she wants to play Sephiroth and so, I shall give her that spot if our original Sephiroth doesn't want to join.

I will be playing Tseng and Reno.

I need to be contacted if you are still going to play with us. If you do not contact me in the next fourty-eight hours, I will prosume that you no longer want to continue and I will replace you.


12/3/04 07:30 am - gfn_yuffie - OOCish

If anyone is still alive here, please post a comment so we all know.

......I'm gonna go steal Reeve's files on Materia now........Bye

11/8/04 06:19 pm - red_xiii13 - Biz-Natch

aaww what happened to those fun chats we used to have? The last big one we had was about Tsengs thong problem. I'm going to create a chat soon when everyone gets on at the same time for once.

unless I'm not being invited :O

11/3/04 02:20 am - mrcloudstrife

OOC: Geesh guys... c'mon.
I've been so tired. Gah *dies*
We need to RP.

10/24/04 11:33 am - turkswithrabies - If you're free, RP.

I'm going to try to hold an RP session today. I was thinking that Shinra will hold an annual ball for Jack Shinra's birthday.

If you can join, please contact me.

10/23/04 12:58 pm - aperfect_flaw - Yay for Crack!


Crack RPs go there.

10/21/04 10:33 pm - zombifiers

Due to complications beyond my control (READ: Due to Lamento Eroico being an angst-ridden wanker), Aeris and Elena may be out of commission for a while. I understand this must suck, considering Tseng and I are the only two who actually do logs. (speaking of which, Tseng, whatever happened to our Tseng/Elena log?) I'm sorry to abandon you guys, but I don't want to see this place go to shit, either. So get involved. This was such a great idea, and I don't want it to waste. If you desperately need Aeris or Elena before I make my triumphant return, you can contact me on AIM as Lamento x Eroico and tell me to stop being a stupid emo fag and get a fucking log going.

Good luck, guys. I'll see you sometime soon. Sorry again..

10/18/04 12:00 pm - shuugasmer - About Zack's role...

...Right. Though turkswithrabies and I have agreed with my theory on how Zack survived after being shot GOD-KNOWS-HOW-MANY freakin' times by some STUPID jerk (sorry, I still can't get over his death. I keep feeling like crying when I watch the flashback when Cloud went back to the Shin-Ra mansion in Disc 3), there are some things that I still find rather... UM. Anyway.

Theory: After getting shot, Cloud takes Zack's sword (yada, yada, you know the story)... *fast-forwards through the Cloud getting angsty, until he leaves*

...'Kay. Actually, Zack was still alive, and he got carted back to Shin-Ra by God-knows-who (>>) and, well, yeah. So he's still in SOLDIER.

[end of theory]

...So, like, I'm wondering if he should still have his memory or not. If he still has it, then what is he gonna do about Cloud? 'Cause to him, it's like - Cloud's all "aa... gurk", and suddenly Cloud disappeared and he's back in Shin-Ra and keeps hearing news about Cloud being sighted, and about AVALANCHE. If he lost it, well... that would be downright SAD. That means that he can still look at Hojo and not hate him. That means that he'll be - "Cloud who?" and... Damn, I want to cry.
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